Get to know some of the individuals who have chosen to play the Gayford Carbon Strad.

Shawn Bailey holds the "Murphy", the Nashville fiddle player is the proud owner of the very "FIRST" Gayford Carbon Fiber Strad Violin to be sold. Shawn performs with country artist Easton Corbin and he toured the "Murphy" in 2016 as the opening act for Carrie Underwood.

Nashville fiddle player Shawn Bailey proudly holds the "Murphy" and is the owner of the very first "Gayford Carbon Strad" to be sold. Shawn performs with country artist Easton Corbin and toured the "Murphy" in 2016 as the opening act for Carrie Underwood's Storyteller tour.


During the development phase we reached out to various notable musicians to have them evaluate our "Gayford Carbon Strads.” This gave us valuable feedback enabling us to fine-tune the performance of each instrument. Since the launch of our product, we will continue to reach out to respected professionals and have them take our violins out for a "Test Drive" and we will continue to post video performances as we record them.

Gary Wahl, violinist with the Cambridge Symphony Orchestra helped to fine tune the placement of the Schatten VMM pick-up and is the 2nd proud owner of the Gayford Carbon Strad violin

Gary Wahl, violinist with the Cambridge Symphony Orchestra helped to fine tune the placement of the Schatten VMM pick-up and is the 2nd proud owner of the Gayford Carbon Strad "Linda".

East Coast Fiddler Shannon Quinn Shoes of her new Gayford Carbon Strad

Traditional east coast Celtic fiddler Shannon Quinn shows off her new "Quentin" Gayford Carbon Strad prior to a performance at Massey Hall in Toronto.  Shannon is the third proud owner of what she named “The Black Beauty”. We are pleased that the "2016 Winner of the Roots Traditional Album of the Year & New Artist recording of the year at the Music Nova Scotia Awards was so excited to choose our carbon fiber violin.

Shannon Quinn, Fred Gayford and the Gayford Carbon Strad Violin

Eva Tysdale holds her new carbon fiber violin, The Gayford Carbon Strad

The fourth owner is Eva Tysdale of Cambridge Ontario. Seen here holding the "Stefanie" Eva said  "I am so impressed with the maker's craftsmanship that I had to have one of his violins. Even though I don't play yet, I know it is a really good investment and plan on taking lessons this fall."

David Folle of Cambridge Ontario proudly shows off the 5th Gayford Carbon Strad to be sold

David Falle of Cambridge Ontario proudly shows off the "Shane", the fifth "Gayford Carbon Strad" to be sold.  He is also the first to have purchased the 5 string model.

We are very pleased to welcome Shane Cook into the Gayford family of Fine Carbon Fiber Instruments! Shane recently purchased a 5 string Gayford Carbon Strad, christened the "Frederick". The 3 time Grand National Canadian and US Fiddle Champion has been instrumental in giving us his feedback as we refined the acoustic tone of our instruments over the past 4 years. This world class player performs regularly with the Allison Lupton Band as well as his own group The Woodchippers. Shane regularly tours, gives workshops and has been teaching for many years. Thank you Shane.

Visit his site to learn more. www.shanecook.com

Tomas Callister is a fiddle player from the Isle of Man in the UK who plays in the trio act Barrule. Here are some of his comments when he received "Cuz" his 4 String Carbon Strad.

"The fiddle is here, safe and sound. Was perfectly in tune when I opened it! Thanks a million for making this beautiful machine! Haven't put it down! It's amazing. An incredible sound, sweet and powerful but also a really interesting sound, loads of character and life. She's a looker too!  It's 50% louder than my usual fiddle! Pick up/contact mic sounds great too. I've been playing this fiddle non stop. Played it till 4am last night. It's unbelievably good. So so happy with it!"


Amanda Lubking plays with the Celtic Punk group Cockswain in Phoenix Arizona. Here she is with her 4 String the "Henry" after receiving it as a birthday gift from her husband.

It's hard to track Maxine Venton down with all her touring but she calls Wales home (we think). Here are some pics she sent when her Strad arrived.

When Niall Murphy put his order in for a Gayford Carbon Strad he also started blogging about the progress as we sent him updates on the build. A lot of people took note and resulted in a number of orders from other artists. We don't quite know what the secret sauce is to Niall's appeal but he seems to be the talk of the town in certain circles.

Niall's website

Jason Chua hails from Australia and had this to say when his instrument arrived, "I really enjoy the violin! The sound it produces really carries itself further than my wooden violin. It was definitely love at first sight when I saw the craftsmanship of the violin, but after playing it for a couple of months I can definitely say that it is more than what meets the eye. Although I may still be a student, my family members noticed the difference in the quality of sound I was producing. Practice sessions also became more enjoyable and fruitful."

Not only is Trevor Dick an owner of his own Gayford Strad but he regularly advises us on most of out instruments before they are shipped out to our customers. Although he prefers to work with the electric violin he does pull out the Carbon Fiber for certain performances and recordings.  He actually endorsed the Gayford Carbon Strad over his wooden instrument for a recent recording session he completed.

Trevor's website

We were quite surprised when Iranian musical sensation Shadmehr Aghili posted an image of the Gayford Carbon Strad on his Instagram and got 193,000 likes!

Shadmehr's website

Shadmehr's Instagram

Joe Goett from Big South Fork, Tennessee enjoys roughing it with his Gayford Carbon Strad. Even though he built a protected padded case for his carbon fiber guitar and violin he recently reported..."I'm on the last leg of my eight week horse camping tour out West. I took "Victor" and played him in a lot of different places.  We played for tips at a cafe in Santa Fe....around a few campfires in Utah and the Black Hills. I really love this fiddle.  It's my go to violin.  It's perfect for a guy like me who travels a lot, to a lot of inhospitable locations.   I play around campfires... in wet locations... in dusty and dry spots....high in the mountains... down in the swamps of Louisiana.   I pull it out, and it's usually pretty close to in tune.   The sound is great, love the deep "C" note.....   I also have occasion to "plug up" and play with electrified instruments.  The pickup on Victor is outstanding.  Gayford Violins is great to work with.  Fred has reached out to me numerous times to make sure "Victor" is performing as expected.  Would highly recommend them."