Answers to some common questions you may have about our Carbon Fiber instruments.

The Gayford Carbon Strad Violin 4 String Carbon Fiber Viola

Q: Can a “Gayford Carbon Strad” be repaired?

A: Yes! Our classic violin shape could not be made with a one piece neck, ribs and back. The complexity of our violins require 23 individual parts. Therefore damaged portions can be replaced or repaired fairly easily. In fact any Luthier can do the most common service work Violins have need of. They can cut a new bridge, install a new sound post, change strings and make set up adjustments etc.

Q: What benefits does carbon fiber offer?

A: Our violin is lighter weight yet offers greater strength than wood. It resonates with much more power than wood. It is unaffected by high temperatures, freezing temperatures, moisture, water etc. There are no endangered woods that can restrict travel to other countries. Players tell us over and over how the violins hardly ever go out of tune. The carbon fiber finger board will never wear or need surfacing work.
The Violin can easily be repaired and refinished. Our design captures the charm of a traditional vintage violin but offers the benefits of advanced space-age materials.

Q: Does the pickup need to be removed when playing acoustically?

A: No! Carbon Fiber and Wood do not behave in the same way. By the research we have done using a top of the line Schatten pickup, we have found that the sweet spot is not on the bridge, but across the left “F” hole at a precise measurement. Not only does this produce a wonderful amplified acoustic sound, but the pickup is acoustically invisible when played unplugged. So you have the best of both worlds.

Q: Is there a money back trial period?

A: Yes! Purchasing a Violin is very personal thing to a player and this is not an inexpensive investment. We offer a 14 day trial period for you to determine if this is the right instrument for you. You will only be charged for the return shipping and a $200US re-stocking fee. Once we receive the instrument in as new condition you will get a full refund. Simple as that!

Q: Can I choose the nickname for my violin?

A: Yes! On custom back orders you can choose the name prior to assembly at no extra charge.  Stock from our assembled inventory however have the I.D.Plate already installed inside the cavity with a predetermined nickname.  The nicknames we choose are drawn from musicians and mentors who have helped inspire and guide the development of the Gayford Carbon Strad.